Geek Capital

Geek Capital aims to be a leading innovative investment manager. Our investment performance is driven purely by factual data, balanced and consistent interpretations and rational analysis. We are pioneering investment decision-making using big data and artificial intelligence

Big Data

We only deal with factual data to cut through layers of misinterpretation. We consider information from financial markets, governments, industries, companies and others. Our proprietary system is specifically designed to efficiently process vast amounts of data

Artificial Intelligence

Our machines are the equivalent of brilliant equity analysts and portfolio managers without cognitive limitations and emotional biases. We thoroughly analyse thousands of stocks and our best investment ideas are coherently evaluated to construct attractive investment portfolios

Investment process

Our technology enables us to focus on performance and engineer our fully integrated investment process around it. Our mission is to maximise actual performance by getting as close as possible to the optimal investment process


Our founders bring together excellent track records in investment management and information technology. Their shared passion, open mindset and strong work ethic enable them to interconnect their expertise

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