Geek Capital

Geek Capital is a pioneer in investment decision-making based on artificial intelligence and big data. Our approach works as we are better informed, focus on investment performance and avoid emotional biases

Big Data

News, data and opinions are widely available; however, independent investment decisions should be based on relevant factual data. Our big data system is designed to carefully select relevant facts and ensure a high degree of refinement, completeness and consistency

Artificial Intelligence

Investment decision-making requires the ability to filter valuable information from a large amount of data. Our artificial intelligence (AI) regression platform and portfolio optimizer determine the most important drivers, quantify interactions and make investment decisions

Investment strategy

We combine AI and Big Data to obtain investment decisions. Our machines are the equivalent of brilliant investment analysts and portfolio managers without cognitive limitations and emotional biases


Our founders bring together excellent track records in investment management and information technology. Their shared passion, open mindset and strong work ethic enable them to interconnect their expertise

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