Investment philosophy

  • Investment performance is the ultimate objective and should therefore drive the entire investment process. Our integrated technology enables us to reverse the traditional investment process flow and secure focus on performance
  • We believe investment decisions should be based on objective factual data, balanced perceptions, consistent interpretations and precise rational analysis. Our innovative technology delivers these decisions because human cognitive limitations and emotional biases are conquered
  • Anticipating surprising future actions by individuals such as central bankers, politicians and CEOs is very challenging. Geek Capital aims to monetize dynamics of fundamentals which are proven by data

Investment performance

  • We aim for high and stable investment performance whilst limiting downside investment risk
  • Investment performance drives our entire investment process
  • We continuously seek to move closer to the optimal investment process by rigorously evaluating the performance impact of our analysis and portfolio management
  • We constantly seek to expand our big data sets and make our artificial intelligence system smarter
  • Our system generates full audit trails to explain our investment decisions and comply with upcoming regulations

Investment process

  • Our big data system carefully selects relevant facts from financial markets, governments, industries, companies and others
  • Data is cleaned, definitions are refined and every ratio, percentage and growth figure is consistently processed
  • The regression platform discovers mispriced and predictable securities by analyzing top-down and bottom-up fundamentals and capturing dynamic non-linear interactions
  • Our system is capable of analyzing thousands of securities from any industry and geography within a consistent and carefully defined framework
  • The portfolio optimizer makes investment decisions based on coherent analysis of our best investment ideas together with downside investment risk and all investment policy restrictions
  • Our machines are the equivalent of brilliant investment analysts and portfolio managers without cognitive limitations and emotional biases.


  • Our fund aims to deliver attractive investment returns in today’s world of low bond yields, high equity valuations and increasing volatility
  • We implement a long-short value strategy with a medium-term investment horizon
  • We seek high upside potential and low downside risk and limit exposure to economic, political and market shocks
  • Our investment universe consists of stocks of any size and from any part of the world
  • We analyze macro, market and business fundamentals and for each company we focus on the ability to generate cash, the likelihood of survival and market sentiment
  • We like to keep things simple: no leverage, no derivatives, no hidden fees
  • Our approach works as we are better informed, focus on investment performance and avoid emotional biases
  • To be launched in 2017

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